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Dedicated to insurance defense, school defense and the defense of public entities.

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Dedicated To Your Defense

When forced to defend a civil lawsuit, insurance companies and public entities need a strong legal team on their side. DeMaria Law Firm, APC, focuses on the defense of insurance companies, along with the defense of their insureds,the defense of schools and their employees and public entity defense. We also defend employers in employment and wrongful termination cases.

Our founding attorney, Anthony DeMaria, started DeMaria Law Firm, APC, after 25 years at central California’s largest law firm, including 19 years as a full partner there. Our entire firm is dedicated to the defense of our clients in civil litigation cases.

Our Practice Areas

Insurance Defense
School Defense And Representation
Public Entity Defense
Employment And Wrongful Termination Defense

Our Priorities Are Your Priorities

When you hire our team, we get to work immediately building your defense. We understand the value of a swift resolution, but we also know that the right resolution is often more important. 

Meet Our Attorneys

Photo of Anthony N. DeMaria

Anthony N. DeMaria

Owner/Trial Attorney

Photo of Kate Bilous

Kate Bilous

Associate Attorney
Photo of Brian Chin

Brian Chin

Associate Attorney

Photo of Suzy Martirosyan

Suzy Martirosyan

Associate Attorney

Photo of Greg Myers

Greg Myers

Of Counsel

Photo of Alexandra Kibinian

Alexandra Kibinian

Law Clerk
Photo Of Lizanne Aching

Lizanne Aching

Associate Attorney

Photo Of Kevin Reddington

Kevin Reddington

Associate Attorney

Photo Of Roger K. Stewart

Roger K. Stewart

Of Counsel
Headshot of Shirley Huang

Shirley Huang

Associate Attorney

Find Out What We Can Do For You

Our firm defends insurance companies and their insurers, school districts and public entities, in all forms of civil litigation defense. If you have a civil litigation case to defend, contact us to speak with our lead attorney, Anthony DeMaria, at 559-206-2410.