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Defending Public Entities

Much like private entities, public entities face the risk of legal claims made by their employees and the public. Both public and private companies have the right to defend themselves against these claims. Securing experienced representation in these situations can make all the difference.

For strong, efficient defense backed by experience, public entities in California and Colorado trust in the experience, knowledge and success of DeMaria Law Firm, APC. With decades of experience and a track record of winning, we have established ourselves as a premier litigation firm.

Handling A Range Of Legal Claims

We represent counties, cities, municipalities and agencies throughout California in claims involving:

  • Employment law: Employment law claims can include discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other violations.
  • Construction bidding: There are strict regulations for public entities calling for construction bids from the private sector. Whenever a general contractor or construction company fails to win a contract, there is a chance of a lawsuit.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and civil rights claims: Just like private entities, government and other public entities can be accused of failing to respect peoples’ civil rights, provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities or provide people with disabilities access to public facilities.
  • Public Records Act: We defend public entities against claims involving violations of the Public Records Act. Whether you are charged with excessive delay in providing records, illegally redacting documents or hiding documents, our attorneys know how to provide a strong defense against these accusations.
  • Personal injury: Like individuals, insurance companies and private entities, public entities are constantly exposed to the potential for premises liability claims and other personal injury claims.

Our legal team covers all the ground needed to defend public entities against all types of legal claims. We provide sound counsel, litigation and appeals services.

Because the legal landscape for public entities is so fraught with the risk of lawsuits, it is helpful to have one team serving your legal needs in an ongoing manner. We can provide sound counsel to help you avoid exposure to litigation, savvy negotiation when disputes arise and strong legal defense if you are facing a lawsuit.

Critical, Effective Defense

The impact of a lawsuit can be disastrous for any public entity. It is important to have a strong defense against legal claims. At DeMaria Law Firm, APC, we provide the strong defense you need against any type of claim.

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