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Employers Have Rights – We Will Defend Them

If you do an online search for any kind of employment law attorney, you will find the list populated almost entirely with lawyers representing employees who want to make claims of how their employers violated their rights. What gets forgotten in all this is that employers also have rights, including the right to defend their interests in court.

At DeMaria Law Firm, APC, we defend employers exclusively in all varieties of employment law claims in California and Colorado. We represent all types of employers, including insurance carriers, small and large companies and corporations, schools, private and public entities and any other type of employer facing lawsuits from their employees.

Strong Defense Against Employment Law Claims

We represent employers accused of:

  • Wrongful termination: Although an employer cannot fire an employee for no reason or for the sole reason of the employee’s membership in a protected class, employers are still allowed to terminate the employment of a worker who no longer aligns with the employer’s goals.
  • Sexual harassment: In recent years, claims of sexual harassment have taken on new strength in the legal system. Employers need to defend themselves aggressively against these charges.
  • Discrimination: Discrimination can take many forms in the context of employment. Our lawyers defend employers against claims of failure to hire, lack of equal pay, failure to promote and other forms of discrimination.
  • Employment torts and actions: When someone gets injured on the job, you could be sued for liability to cover all the medical expenses, lost wages and other damages.

Our law firm has handled all types of defense for employers in state and federal courts, appellate courts and before administrative agencies. We have the legal knowledge and experience to provide a successful defense against a range of legal claims.

Helping Your Business Succeed

As a business or corporation, you will face numerous roadblocks to your success, not the least of which involves employment law claims. There are few things that can destroy a business’s success as fast as a lawsuit from an employee. Our team can help defend your rights in employment law claims, to protect your business’s future.

We can help you determine the best course of action if you are facing a lawsuit as an employer. Call 559-206-2410 or email us to speak with our lead attorney, Anthony DeMaria.