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Dedicated To The Defense Of Schools And Educational Institutions

Litigation against schools districts, school employees and educational institutions is increasing. Schools need experienced trial attorneys dedicated to their defense. The firm’s lead trial attorney, Anthony DeMaria, has decades of experience defending schools and their employees in state and federal court litigation in all forms of cases. DeMaria Law Firm provides school defense services from pre-litigation through discovery and trial, all the way through the appellate process. Anthony DeMaria provides lectures and seminars to school districts, Joint Powers Authorities and TPA’s throughout California. DeMaria Law Firm provides vital advice to school districts as well, including Public Record Acts response and advice in addition to litigation defense.

Full Service School Defense Firm

We provide efficient, effective defense litigation, counsel and appeals services for all types of educational entities against legal claims involving:

  • Civil rights violations
  • Special education and IDEA/IEP/504 claims
  • Premises liability and other personal injury claims
  • Employment law claims, which can include sexual harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination
  • Sexual abuse and assault claims
  • Negligent supervision defense
  • The Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) proceedings
  • Public Records Act claims
  • Title IX and Title VII claims

In short, we provide legal counsel, litigation and appeals services for all forms of school litigation and defense. At DeMaria Law Firm, APC, we also advise and represent our school and educational clients on governing board discipline, investigations and reporting, and appeals of school defense and representation cases.

The stakes are extremely high for educational entities when facing legal claims. DeMaria Law Firm, APC provides exceptional and efficient legal services. Call us at 559-206-2410 or fill out our contact form to schedule a discussion with our lead attorney, Anthony DeMaria.